the weeknd pt I

So, let's hear the bad news first so that we can end in a good note.
My 20th birthday was on Thursday and I celebrated by being belligerently drunk with my close friends,
adding another tattoo and enjoying a weekend trip to the wine country, Danish town of Solvang with my boyfriend.
I'm a big foodie and when I heard about the Taste of Solvang event, 
I thought it would be perfect since it was around the same time as my birthday.
Thanks to my boyfriend who bought the event tickets as my birthday present( ︠ु௰︡ू)♡!!
overlooking the Danish town

playing around


panoramic shots

the famous aebleskiver

goat cheese mousse tart w/ pea shoots & rhubarb syrup

belgian waffle w/ strawberries & fresh whipped cream

amethyst crystal rock for 4 Gs... LOLWUT

stopped by a really cool world religion shop!

my new black fur creepers!

my dearest
++++more pics to come!
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