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Gray hair is such a relief from the overabundance of bright obnoxious colors 
like pink, turquoise, purple, and red. 
I need something more neutral and warm. 
And that reverse ombre is just so perfect.
I'm really tempted to dye my hair like this... 
I'm gonna do it, I swear.



Avelon AW 12 

from up and coming Dutch designer Erik Frenken

These four are my favorite looks from his latest collection.

Of course I would pick mostly all black ensembles.


Tria Prima

vintage Led Zeppelin shirt from my bf + clear choker from ebay + cat eye sunglasses from karmaloop

My first three tattoos: two alchemy symbols on my outer wrists and my own design on my middle finger.
The trident tattoo is the alchemical symbol for the planet Neptune, Pisces' ruling planet.
The other tattoo is the alchemical symbol for salt, which to me, represents two meanings: a primary ingredient in cooking (one of my passions) and the supernatural use of a ring of salt for magical protection.
Coincidentally, the largest circle in my finger tattoo has a dot inside which is the alchemical symbol for the sun.
Perhaps I was an alchemist in a past life.


I can't believe I still haven't seen them live.
Warpaint, please play a show soon in your hometown!


Italian Ice

My favorite duo, De Niro + Scorsese. If you ever want to see a great film, watch anything these two made together. On another note, I'm off to see La Sera and go to the Art Walk to start my four day weekend.


HUF x Haroshi x DLX Art Show

My friend Andy and I chuckin' up the deuces

Dylan Rieder
images via transworld skateboarding

Went to the huf x haroshi x dlx art show last Saturday and it was the best art show. Free Pabst, free Hennessy, and free tacos; what more can you ask for?

The Bridget Coat

UNIF made a jacket named after me. So tempting.



vintage motorcycle leather jacket from Rose Bowl + gold & rhinestone bindi

off to hollywood


Nu Year, Nu Blog

leopard coat from Rose Bowl + array of silver rings

After much contemplation, I've finally decided to make a personal blog to chronicle my life, thoughts, and passions. Although 2012 was falsely symbolized for an impending apocalypse, I will live this year as if it were my last: to the fullest. I will accomplish all my goals and aspirations (opening my vintage etsy store, moving out, pursuing design). It's time to stop dreaming and start doing!
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