wild at heart & weird on top

Ever since Jayne Min of stop it right now schooled me on Mihara Yasuhiro's eclectic home, 
I had the urge to find out more about this man. 
The Tokyo-based designer's spring 2013 menswear collection was so beautiful
that after learning his inspiration came from one of my favorite director's film, 
David Lynch's Wild at Heart, I fell even deeper in love with Yasuhiro's overall aesthetic.
There were tons of biker and western influences, two of my favorite styles.
 Yasuhiro's genius clearly transcends from his home to his clothes,
I mean, check out that motorcycle jacket with the traditional snap collar but also with the classic Perfecto collar!



ultimate accessory

I just love how form follows function and this cynthia rowley flask cuff is the epitome of being a fashionable liquor connoisseur. 
Now I won't have to hide any flasks in my boots like some prohibition era bootlegger.

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